Its been a long time since I have put down my thoughts here … Have been extremely busy this month both @ home and office, thanks to all the releases to the field and the many festivals to be celebrated in August … Wedding anniversary also went by pretty light … a visit to Ramakrishna Math in the morning (ofcourse; thats what bound us together for life) and then a nice dinner @ Utsav at night. Hmm yeah! Also, managed a small trip to Bengaluru during Independence day (thanks to the long weekend), but nothing much to write about as both of us were down with fever; may be due to the weather change.

Met parents, sis, kith and kin, invoked blessings of Varamahalakshmi . Could not catch up with friends(sorry Shek and also BigB;I missed ur wedding, could not make it a day earlier :P)

But yeah, we went out of Hyderabad after a long time and the perfect opportunity to see the two new airports: wow! They are really gud; the GMR is amazing. I was feeling like spending some more time there. The display of arts and paintings is too gud.

But for this, it was a low profile trip ….Oh yeah! lots of gifts but .. Bday, Anniversary, Gowri Puja all put together, lots of sarees and yeah mom, dad and sis gifted me a beautiful Swarovski crystals watch :).

Wanted to make it to flower show @ Lalbagh .. could not do that either. Anyways, what more joy than being able to meet all close ones…

Back to Hyd news this month, Su having a sweet tooth since birth ;), enjoyed the diff payasams(carrot, pal payasam, goduma payasam), besan ladoos etc.. for
the Bimana amavasya(Worship of Lord Siva in the form of two lamps[Jyotir Bhimeswara]), NagaraPanchami (to celebrate the bro-sis bond; and for those who dont have a brother and others too, Nagadevatha is the brother always protecting his sisters), Mangala Gowri(Every tuesday in the month of Sravana for husband’s wellbeing) and Krishna Janmashtami.

A few snaps of Mangala Gowri Vratam…

All set for the vratam to begin

Pooja Samagri


After the puja