Come again another day
Swaram really wants to walk
Rain Rain go away

😦 Thanks to the 3.5 hrs power cut daily and also the hot-n-great weather(32 deg @ night in July end), I could not really hum this rhyme though my heart(or better my mind) wanted to. For one who is really working out hard and walking daily n also gymming, I had to miss my walk yesterday morning owing to a great night out at Su’s friend Manish’s place the previous night
.Manish and his better half have welcomed a little princess in their life recently and there was a get-to to celebrate the joyous moments. And yeah, to add to this, the food was just tailor made for a person on diet – Cholay Bhaturey, Dahi Wada and Rasmalai LOL :)). I had 1 bhatura and decided I need to work out extra the next day. But then, man proposes; god disposes. I felt so bad to wake up Su in the early hours yesterday; ae tho waise bhi bahana hai; main bhi nahi uti thi ;). So, the walking had to wait till the evening. As luck would have it; managed to leave office a 5 so that I could catch up with some of it. Just abt 200 mts ahead and Rain God suddenly became merciful on all of us waiting for the rains. I walked for some distance but then it got really heavy; So, had to take an auto. I decided to get down at a point 3 kms from home, so that I could do something atleast; if it was not so heavy there. Wow! Was so happy when I reached there as it was not raining. But, as soon as I got down n started my endeavour, again rim-jhim rim-jhim. Oh Varuna, did u come with me in the auto? Oh yeah! I carry rain with me – Swathi Muthina malhe hani ye. But now, I was really determined (wah what a strong resolve; just self-encouragement; nothing else :P) and finally did it. And yes, I got a baby-pink coloured dress decorated with chocolatey prints and also a free hair wash (Am not irregular; I do it often. Then why me :grrrrrr). Anyways, all’s well that ends well.