… defintely makes anybody dull. And this has pretty well gone into the minds of people @ my workplace; All festivals are celebrated with great pomp and gaiety.

Colourful scenes of Holi :

We have some recreation at fair enuf intervals to keep us going. This is usually timed around our annual day. We had a dance bash on one Friday. The next Friday was even more fun. Theres a team appropriately named as F5(Refresh) which organizes all these activities. We had mehandi artists, cartoonists and tattoo artists. I got some lovely Arabic mehandi on both my hands; wow the girls were so fast; she took hardly 8-10 mins for 4 sides. Dint have much luck with the tattoos as there was a huge rush for the same (The guys were also there na :grrrrr.)
Oh yeah, I got my cartoon made; donno how many think I anywayz look like one. :P. A mermaid I am in the cartoon. 😛
And yes, there was a Grafitti board with some superb scribblings.

Ofcourse, we do devote time to work also. Dont think otherwise 😛

And yeah, one more fundoo friday was to come by and this had shooting and say cheese eeeeeeeee …….. team photo session.

FUN @ WORK – I’m loving it 🙂