14/09/2012 ETA: This was the first post on my food blog Adige Aramane (swaramsvegkitchen.wordpress.com). For sometime now, I have been thinking of having just one blog for all my interests and so, imported all my posts from the recipe blog onto this space itself. Keeping this post here just for the sake of those old time memories 😛

Yes, this is the chef in me @ work .Su has been telling me for a while to start a food blog.

May be now the stars, grahas all are in apt positions LOL; and the snaps Su has been taking of the dishes I prepare will definitely be of great help now. I always felt happy and was more than satisfied when people whom I cook for appreciated my cooking and it made me more enthu to learn and try more. But then, I decided to share whatever little I know or get to hear and read about.

This is just a junction for recipes; ofcourse, some of them may be known to many of you, but its just like many flowers which may be found in different terrains tied together in a bouquet. These may be some of my own tried (and tested :P) recipes with ideas drawn from the many recipe books adorning my kitchen, some recipes obtained by word-of-mouth and yeah Amma’s time-tested recipes. Wishing you a pleasant and yummy journey through Swaram’s kitchen.