Laughing all the way while I am writing this post. There a few things about Su which makes me laugh whenever I remember them, however seriously I am involved in my present routine. The greatest bulakkad that he is (other than in matter of sports where he remembers the records of every tom, dick n harry and in matters of getting gifts for his wife, he remembers Ritu Kumar or Sabyasachi or Satyapaul and whats the latest he can get for me [such a sweet hubby rt; thats the reason I dont mind even if he forgets other things :P]) he gives me many light moments to remember. He says his hard disk is only for cricket n tennis statistics, records etc…; anyways I am there na to remember other things; so y shud two of us waste our memory for the same things. Nice logic na.

BTW, I wanted to put down a few instances which are really hilarious, atleast when I saw them live .
When we had been to Ohri’s Jiva(a gud veg restaurant in Hyd once), the guard opened the gate to let us in and said “Welcome Sir”. I really donno whether Su was in Wimbledon or Sharjah or Lords or whatever, he said “Sorry, I dint get u” to the gatekeeper. The poor fellow wished him 3-4 times
only to get the confused look of Mr.Su again n again. I just cant think of what was going through that fellow’s mind. He finally gave up extending the usually hearty welcome; the great moustached fellow could only utter: “Kuch nahi sir; kaali good evening bola maine”. OMG! What a laugh I had.
Ohris is a place with beautiful ambience. They have lot of artwork and also exactly at the place where the sweets n deserts are served, there a quite a few beautiful snow-white pebbles displayed; Su mistook these for rasgollas that day and he is asking me “Arre, ae log rasgolla kyun nahin de rahe hai yaar; kaali jamoon hi diya hai abhi tak.” Being the sweet buff that he is, anything which looks like sweets cant even escape the corner of his eye. ufff! he asked me first; otherwise I think many people there would have had a great laugh.
But the father of all these incidents was about a pressure cooker which happened recently;
I kept the dal in a small cooker and told Su who was catching up with some cricket on TV(kuch purana phata hua match woh bhi; BTW, Su’s daily routine is Cricket, tennis, F1 etc… when he is free; otherwise he is a real sweet chap who does sweeping, mopping everything to help me.). I told him to switch off the cooker after 3 whistles and went for a bath. There was some smell after some time; which I mistook for wheat being warmed (the smell was something like the one which is presents itself when the yummy gulpavates[sweet dish made from wheet] are made); but soon I realized something was burning; then I remembered. Oh yeah, the dal. I called out to Su only to hear “Oh did u really tell me. Sachin was just hitting a century and I really forgot”. Arre baba, ab tho off kardo gas ko. And then, there was something funnier to come out. I was thinking if he dint remember the same, he could atleast get the smell; after all, he was closer to the kitchen.
Su thought that somebody was making Adai(a kind of dosa made of rice and dals.) He felt like he wanted to eat it but how could he ask me as I am on diet nowadays and he felt like having all these delicacies. Su, its ok even if that cooker has become a gr8 work of art now; u r a very sweet husband who thinks so much about his wife. Until death do us part!