Ooh la la! Its been four years today since I stepped into the IT industry. Fresh out of college, selected during campus interviews, it was this day of 2004 when I stepped into my first workplace in Bangalore, not knowing anything about what sort of a ride it would be. Of course, there were dreams and aspirations.
What you just get to hear from people is wow the packages u s/w ppl get; Yes, we do! But we do get much more. Slogging it out when there is a release, constant reminders from your client when u r into bug-fixing, status meetings every now and then; we get all these things free too 😛
Ek lo ek muft. But then, I still remember that day when I met so many new people,
some who made their place into my close circle :  Shekar, BigB, Sri, Vivek(who was also my escort back home; we stayed closeby), Viv n Prav were gr8 company even when we were on-site @ Hyd. Wow! those days when we went roaming every evening to eat street, hussain sagar etc… I think I saw more of Hyd in those 10 days than now when I have been staying here for more than an year now; Vikki(we became close after we fought over a design issue for IPTV); some whom I know through Orkut and gmail, some about whom I just get to hear through the others.
But still, I got a lot of things to learn in those 3 years I spent at Mascon. The 1 month long induction training program where they taught us everything under the sun (GSM, DB, IMAP, POP, Messaging, High availability) and we followed all of them not knowing what project we may be put into. The Open Circle Methodology GDs where we only discussed till the mentor was around and then got into dumcharades. Oh yeah! The law of two feet which said u can keep changing groups freely; what else do u want when there r such discussions? Be free to get up and go to where u r the loudest and can speak incessantly :)) .We still had the college bit in us. The mini-projects we had to do; our team of 5 had to design a GSM Phone; I still remember the day when we had to give the final seminar and our GSM phone had everything; but the battery missing in the figure LOL :)).
Wow! What a life we had. Trying to please our mentors by the way we talk, running in time to the training room as they took attendance (ummm excuse me, what does that mean?).
To top it, they even had a spy to complain if we missed the sessions. Battling it out to get a chance to play carrom and TT, running up to the cafeteria to get snacks lest they get over (as though mommy had not fed us for years).
People used to gobble up 3-4 Masala Dosas; baap re! We were getting it for a meagre Rs.100 p.m. [Reason for those potbellies after some years in IT industry I think ;)].
4 yrs experience is a great thing to have but I really really miss those days as a fresher. When we see freshers coming in now, addressing us as Ma’am, sir etc…
we feel Oh come on, y r they so formal, so shy, so timid; but thats what we did then. Even now when I close my eyes and remember my days there, I really get back into a beautiful world with all the roller-coaster rides it had. We are all in different companies, even different corners of the world today; but yes one thing definitely binds us: we were freshers in that and only that company.
Three (or should I say four) cheers to all u guys out there; oh yeah, our gang was called Josh2004.