Wah Wah Ramji, jodi kya banayi! He loves Cheese, Paneer and I just dont lay my hands on them(Oh yeah; I do it just when I cook). He loves Continental; Pizzas: they r the definition of yummy for him. I just just cant take them. He has a sweet tooth; chillies are my first love.
Su and me; how opposite we are! He plays minesweeper(chillies are the mines) if he finds anything green(even the tender ring beans). He is tall, lean …. am just average(I am his bet(bit?)ter half rt; so who eats the paneer and who puts on weight doesn’t matter). But then, both of us love music, we love to travel, we love cricket, and yeah crosswords ;). Friends, get-tos, dine-outs, water-parks, we just enjoy life to the fullest. The festivals are one occasion which both of us r full enthu about.

Finally, what matters is the understanding. Ofcourse, two diff ppl; different upbringing. Its so obvious that there will be few different interests. Its all in how we give each other private space. Thats so important in anybody’s life. Thats the secret to a happy married life I feel.
If you like it or atleast dont mind doing it, do it; else, atleast let him do it. Why should he give it up?
So, Su does shopping for me now; I do watch the football being kicked to give him company. Su does not like to recive too many calls when in office.(In fact, he bought a cell phone when we got engaged). This is something I realized and I have given up calling him when he is @ office unless its inevitable. Su treats himself with a few golguppas just because I have a chat tooth :P. Thats so sweet of u Su.
He plays Age of Empires; I browse to find which is our next holiday destination. And then, there we are doing things which interests both of us.

Hum bhi apno ke liye badal rahe hai πŸ˜›