This goes as a mark of love and respect for my dear Dad and Mom. I know every son/daughter loves his/her parents and esp. a father-daughter relationship is just inexplicable.
Thanks to my dad who taught me how to be independent, self-confident and put up a brave fight against any odds in life. Thanks to my mom; but for this strict officer, I could have never progressed in my life academically. I remember how much me and my lil sis used to dread showing the marks card to my mom even if it carried a few marks less. Being a working mom and yet managing the house so well is a bundle of feathers in ur cap Mom. If I am able to do even a small percentage of it today, its just that I have seen u do it when I grew up. When people complement me saying I juggle between my two roles pretty well, its all credit to u.

I still remember the day when I was in just Class 2 and had missed my school bus. I confidently came back from the bus stand, dad is there na, will call him n he will drop me. But thats not what he did. He asked me either to go with my nanny and somehow reach school or stay back n miss classes.
I hated missing school, may be genes from my mom who till date hardly takes leave from office unless its inevitable. Using all my energy, I walked my way to school only to be made to stand in the late comers corner; I was a complete stranger there as I usually kept up time.
I was really angry with my dad that day; But then, if I have learnt to be independent today, its only these lessons I learnt form little things in my childhood. Whether it was opening a bank account at an young age and depositing some money every month, or learning Kannada @ home(as I studied in Central syllabus), 101% goes to my dad.

Making me a master of Kannada, a position where I won any debate or essay I participated in though not having studies Kannada, all credit goes to my dad. (Ofcourse it was my mother tongue but still I still see lot of ppl saying they dont know to write or read fast as they dint study Kannada in school). All this instilled a lot of self-confidence in me. Whether it was taking me out for the swimming classes, the summer camps, in search of the the numerous strange things we had to collect for the projects, he did it all with great love n affection.

And my dear Mom, how many shifts she juggled between to look after me and my sis. I still wonder how she could leave home @ 6 for her 1st shift after cooking all those diff things we wanted to gobble. My culinary skills today(if and what I have) is all genetic.

Even now, 2 yrs after I am married and have come away, my Dad has not been able to accept the fact that I dont stay with him. I used to go with him for every single work; be it the bank, the market, just to get a little green chillies from a shop, whatever it may be. He still says he wants to hear my voice atleast once a day and makes a call daily saying “Hello, courtesy call”.
I love u dad; and I will definitely say “My daddy strongest; I am the luckiest”.

And yes, miles may seperate us, but u r all always in my heart and the smile on my lips always carries the memories of all my people back home.

I love all these people God – Dad, Mom, Sis, Hubby and yes: I cant forget Mama, H aunty, my grandparents and all of u out there. I have heard Mom saying H left her bank job and came to look after me and also Mama who used to sing “Chaudavin ka chaand ho”, “Chandan sa Badhan” for me @ midnight, after returning form 2nd shift to put me to sleep. Jo bhi ho tum khudah ki kasam laajavab ho!

God always grant u all the best of everything in life!!!!