Bachche mann ke sachche …. ae woh nanhe phool hai jo bhagvan ko lagte pyare … beautiful song …
This is something all of us would have seen in our lives many times; its just that we may not realize the same.

Honestly speaking, there a lot of things we need to learn from children.
Being the eldest grandchild in the family, I had the chance of watching all my siblings grow up from the just borns to whatever they r today.
I remember the numerous questions they asked; sometimes funny, at other times dig into your heart and soul. I still remember the day when my cousin Sanju took a screw driver and when asked for what, his reply just left all of us dumbstruck: He wanted to tighten the screws of the
coconut tree as it was shaking acc. to him. Children learn so fast and look at the way they can apply it to situations.

That’s my dear Sanju; wud not agree to put them down without a snap; he was claiming he is as strong as the other adults and wanted to prove his point.

Well, lot more to go and the entire blog may not be enough if I have to write about all the natkhat nandalals and the little princesses. Distance, money n all are things they never are so keen about. For them, its all in the heart. One of my cousins in Mysore, recently called up to invite me for her birthday party. She said “Please come along with bhava, akka; whomever I invite, they say office … office; If u want, u just come, eat the cake n have the dinner and push off. ” Lo! And where do I have to go from? – Hyderabad. I just love than innocence; and she was so happy just that I called and wished her over phone; I know any colourful gift is welcomed with a twinkle in their eye but its not the money what matters to them.

San n Sanju – So sweet ain’t they?

And yeah, the research they do and the inferences they draw. The other day, my lil cousin Pingu, as she calls herself said she had found out why gasoline costs more in India. (Her home is in Washington D.C). Its because people fill it for you, she says. Way to go dear! Keen observer, I must say.

That’s my dear Pingu in pink; she makes weird faces for every snap that we take.

Yesterday, when I was returning home from office, I had to get my slippers mended. I saw a cute little boy already waiting there “Uncle, uncle pls mera kar dijiye pehle; sirf holes marna hai shoes main”. I told him he can get it done first and just was asking him about his school etc… And here,t his boy was so little himself; he had come to get his younger sis shoes mended.

It was just the work of punching 2 holes on each of them. After it was over, the cobbler said “Panch rupaiya dena”, and the little master says “Sirf Paanch rupai? Mere paas thi pachaas hai”. In his place, I could imagine anybody, including myself, asking y 5 rs for just 4 holes or so.
To be honest, I do bargain even with the cobbler sometimes. Yesterday, he said 10 for my work and my eyebrows did rise, but I could not bargain.
Something I just could not do. This actually reminded me of one incident when I was in my 11th or so. It was during Navarathri; the time we arrange all the dolls n stuff.
I really love doing it and got a few stuff from a big shop. When I came out, there was one person selling small dolls, lovely little ones, kept pn a broken table, balanced with all
things possible. After buying few things, I started the usual stuff again … Gimme 1 final price … this is too much etc .. etc..
And, the fellow’s reply really made me contemplate. Kye memsahab, us bade se dukhan main jo bhi liya, aapne kuch nahi poocha; jo keemat manga, de diya; aur mere saat aisa kyon? Kyunki main chota aadmi hoon?
Oh My God! Certain things really act as catalysts in the thought process. How many fixed price shops have I bought things from? How many Pantaloons, LifeStyles and Centrals have let me bargain?
Well, this is something I really dont have an answer to yet.

But yesterday, because of that little child, I did not do it for one day. I know its not always right also because you never know how children can be cheated in this big, bad world. Only option is to send whatever minimum amount required only with them and just may be let them know what it costs; after all, anything can be moulded only when tender.

Bachche …really mann ke sachche … Oh God! Y do we ever grow up or atleast Y does the world make us what we are!!!!!