Again a bundle of surprises by Su! When I called him on Friday night @ around 8 p.m, he said the usual thing “Leaving office now”; only gud thing was he was saying it @ 8 p.m and not at 10 or 11 as in the usual case. But this time, there was an added phrase “Am gng to be home soon”.

I was left wondering how can he be home soon from his office which is more than 17 kms away and from that stupid traffic-struck area.

And there he was! When he arrived @ 9 p.m, his hands were loaded with shopping bags;
Tops, skirts, accessories … there was a whole lot of it for my b’day! Oh dear, a surprise again … How do u manage to do it so differently every time …a nd I am told this is one fellow who used to hate the very word “Shopping” before marriage….

There was more to add the next day … He took me out shopping the next day and again my wardrobe had to just grow fatter – starting from beautiful tops from Pantaloons to the Anarkali dresses from Meena Bazaar; a whole lot of them!

That was so sweet of u Su; not that I expected all this stuff! but for your love; its unfathomable.

But yeah! Coming to the Khatti part of it … I knew I was growing along the X-axis (got this feedback from ppl back home @ Bangalore also when I had been there last) and a few of the new dresses just added to my guilt when they dint fit me. But then, whats the use of just regretting what has happened!Theres always some gud in whatever happens … may be its not packaged the way we want it. I have accepted the fact and am gng on a gr8 diet-n-exercise regime.

Wishing myself gud luck in my endeavour. πŸ˜‰