Its going to be 25 yrs since I descended on this earth ….

I need to thank my Mom whom I woke up @ 2 a.m one morning in June 83 because I was in a hurry to come out of my cosy little den to see the world ; my dad, grandparents, my entire family who were waiting for me as I was the first grandchild in my Mom’s family.

Thank you Almighty for having painted all the beautiful pictures I have been part of and also the others which may not have been all that rosy, but for all the strength u blessed me with to face them. As it is said
“I asked for strength; God gave me difficulties to face ….”. The true test of an individual is in such times of crisis. Who cannot be normal and happy-go-lucky when life is a bed of roses; but roses do have thorns, and the secret is to see them and still enjoy the beauty of the roses. After all, every cloud has a silver lining.

Its a day to reflect what I have done in the past 365 days.. ; as I believe that its not only about growing older but wiser too; from being a wife who feels so bad n her tear glands become way too active when her husband returns home late to one who understands what he needs is love n concern at that hour of the day after slogging @ work and not another boss @ home who fires questions @ him; a daughter who has well understood what her parents in a far off city need is just a phone call once a day to hear her say Amma or Daddy; my lil sis, aunts, my friends back in Bangalore; just a ping or a phone call matters to show that they r all pearls in the string of my life. Not to forget the great company I have @ office and also my new friends in Hyderbad, they have made by life all the more beautiful … What more can I ask for in life?

I remember my last birthday so well; All credit to my dear husband Su for making it so memorable;
We had just come to Hyderabad a few months back; Su had fractured his hand after he failed to see a barricade and had fallen off; So, he had this Plaster of Paris wrapped around with all the different forms of art reading “Get Well Soon” and had also grown his beard which he was unable to shave; he looked so different;

And then the day came; It was June 21st; my birthday. His plaster was to be removed a few days after that…
That morning when I started for office, he told me he would start after some time as he was feeling a bit tired.
I left bidding gud bye and saying I wud return soon and then we could go to the temple in the evening; Well, frankly speaking, I had no other plans for the day as I wanted Su to get back to normal first and then we could go out n party or do whatever.

The whole day was normal; same routine stuff except for the fact that many telephone service providers made a lot of money as I kept hearing the wishes almost throughout the day; Orkut, gmail whatever I opened, I could read the same lines …. Su kept giving me updates all thru the day … I had lunch now, I am feeling better with the keyboard today etc ….

It was around 5 p.m when I came home… and what do I see? The doors open and a melodious recitation of “Happy Birthday to You” from inside. I enter and see a beautiful strawberry cake and then the father of all surprises; There stands Su, fully normal with his PoP removed, looking so smart with his shaved beard. I could not believe my own eyes! He had taken a day off and planned this beautiful surprise for me. Well, we hardly knew anybody in Hyd then; he had also invited few guests(2 to be precise; my maid n her hubby :P) to sing for me when I cut the cake.

They are so precious for me. Thanks Again!

Thank u all my dear people; u r an indispensable part of my life; Oh God, please give me many such moments to relish in life and also the courage and strength to travel through all the muddy rocky roads of life! But ofcourse, we can’t always find highways.