A day in April 2007 – Su came and told me that we had to move to Hyderabad within a fortnight. Hyderabad – which I had visited around 2 yrs back was for me my dreamland. How I had wished then that I could climb up the Golconda fort or take a stroll on the banks of Hussain Sagar whenever I wanted to. I was sad to leave Bangalore – the place where I spent 23 years of my life, and it was everything to me. My parents, relatives, friends etc etc and what not? Not to miss the Veena Stores or Brahmin’s Cafe Idlis and wonderful Masala Dosas in many hotels.

But – that’s life. U dont know what the future holds for u! Alas, we had to go to Hyderabad.
I started applying for a new job and it was not long before God cast his kind look on me and I had a job in hand before coming here.

And then the journey began …. House-hunt …. language problem … Finally, everything seemed settled. We had made a small home for ourselves, moved in a few things from Bangalore, did lot of shopping in Hyderabad, got a maid and the routine life started. Get up, cook, eat, go to office, come back, clean up the house, cook, eat, sleep. Ofcourse, watch a bit of news, sports etc .. now and then.

Being new to the place, we ventured out on every weekend … Wow … Hussain Sagar is awesome …Dhola-ri-Dhani takes us to Rajasthan itself. We enjoyed life to the fullest.

Every coin has two sides. We went out to dine a a restaurant called Chutneys. Registered our names for a seating and were waiting. Then came the call to get in and Lo! Su, myΒ  falls down with a thud and fractures his hand.

People back home start cribbing .. only two of u there, u kids how will u manage and all that stuff.
To scare them more was the bomb blast near Mecca Masjid. Calls from allover … How r u people? Never visit that place again and all advices … Okay, okay , okay.

Days roll on. Everything seems peaceful. Ganesha festival is nearing. It was a Saturday; a pleasant day; We had to go to Secunderabad to get all the required things. On the way itself, it started raining; donno where from the clouds suddenly appeared. Thanks to the Almighty, my husband who always insists on taking his bike wherever we go, was in no mood to ride that day.

And then, it started pouring down so heavily that we had a very tough time finishing the shopping and getting an auto to start our journey back home. Finally, managed to get one and had splashes from any vehicle moving by the side.
Trust me … I had never before seen such rains in my life till then. At last, somehow reached home through the dark, water-logged streets. And then , after a few minutes, we switch on the TV and NDTV shows “Punjagutta flyover collapse” Oh My! God had showered his choicest blessings on us. We had missed it just by 30 mins or so.

Again tring tring. U ppl leave Hyderbad and come back blah blah blah.

But, are we sure any place under the sky is safe enough where we can say no tragedy can befall us?